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The Neon Demon (Movie) Review 8

The Neon Demon (Movie) Review

Nicolas Winding Refn seems to go out of his way to be a polarizing filmmaker. With titles as varied as Pusher, Bronson, Drive, and Only

The Conjuring 2 (Movie) Review 1

The Conjuring 2 (Movie) Review

The Conjuring made $300 million worldwide a few years ago, making it a record-breaking hit for contemporary horror. That means a sequel (and that Annabelle

Money Monster (Movie) Review

Money Monster (Movie) Review

There are two sides to the new glossy Hollywood thriller Money Monster. On one hand, it’s attempting to be a big, dumb, high concept thriller,

New Power Rangers Suits Revealed

New Power Rangers Suits Revealed

Everyone’s favourite Mighty Morphin’ team is back with a brand new look to accompany the Power Rangers series reboot into a feature film. The new suits

Green Room (Movie) Review

Green Room (Movie) Review

Jeremy Saulnier made quite a mark on the genre world a few years ago with his bitter little pill of a thriller Blue Ruin. The

Hardcore Henry (Movie) Review 7

Hardcore Henry (Movie) Review

If there’s such a thing as too much style and action in a film, then Hardcore Henry comes perilously close to defining the limits.

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