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Hold the Dark TIFF 2018 Review 1

Hold the Dark TIFF 2018 Review

“I’m not talking about animals here, Mr. Core. I’m talking about people.” The lead police officer in the snowy Arctic town that Hold the Dark

Money Monster (Movie) Review

Money Monster (Movie) Review

There are two sides to the new glossy Hollywood thriller Money Monster. On one hand, it’s attempting to be a big, dumb, high concept thriller,

Midnight Special (Movie) Review 1

Midnight Special (Movie) Review

Tense, terse, and thought provoking, Jeff Nichols Midnight Special is the type of genre movie that Hollywood should make more of. It’s a companion piece of

Kona Comes to Mac and Linux

Kona Comes to Mac and Linux

The frigid Canadian investigative tale, Kona will be receiving Mac and Linux support starting today.

Blackhat (Movie) Review 6

Blackhat (Movie) Review

There was a time when super cool hackers were the villains of every big dumb action movie because it seemed like a moderately hip thing

Nightcrawler (Movie) Review 5

Nightcrawler (Movie) Review

Nightcrawler is one damn intriguing beast of a movie (and no, it has nothing to do with the X-Men regular. I apologize). For me, it

Gone Girl Movie Review 1

Gone Girl Movie Review

David Fincher emerged into the filmmaking out of the cesspool of music videos when MTV was at its peak. At the time, so many music

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