Day: 6 April 2011

Latest Articles From Day: 6 April 2011

Section 8: Prejudice hits Xbox Live on April 20

TimeGate's shooter will make it to the PSN and the PC later in 2011.

New study blames capitalism for piracy in developing nations

A Canadian study suggests that piracy is often a matter of necessity.

PSN users raise $1.3 million for Japan

Sony says that the Great East Japan Earthquake relief effort has been an unmitigated success.

Study: Violent video games can interrupt a child's moral learning

A new study from Simmons College suggests that exposure to violent video games can affect young children's moral reasoning.

Managing director Ray Maguire leaves SCE UK

The exec is calling it quits after nearly two decades with the company.

Konami rolls out Metal Gear Solid spring fashion line

Now you can get the gear of your favorite Metal Gear characters.

Live action Inversion trailer turns the world upside-down

Gravity is optional in the latest preview video.

Comic Book Releases: April 6

Wednesday, Wednesday, getting comics on Wednesday.

Predator hacks Xbox Live enforcer

A hacker recently gained access to Stephen Toulouse's Xbox Live account and the policy enforcer has since commented on the […]