Government halts PSN return in Japan

| May 16, 2011

Sony still has a few things to prove before the PSN can be restored.

The PSN is finally starting to come back online all over the world, but – somewhat ironically – players in Sony’s home nation of Japan still aren’t able to access the network. The government wants to see certain changes before they allow Sony to restore the service, and after two meetings – one on May 6th and another on May 13th – Kazushige Nobutani, the director of the Media and Content Industry department at Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, says Sony still has work to do in two important areas.

First of all, Nobutani’s office wants to see Sony implement security measures that were outlined during its May 1st press conference. Sony had failed to do so as of May 13th, although Nobutani would not provide details for security reasons.

Secondly, Sony must outline their plan to regain consumer confidence after losing so much personal information. The government wants to make sure that the strategy will measure up to the countermeasures taken by other companies that have faced similar situations in the past.

You have to wonder what the outstanding issues are, but the PSN is back up almost everywhere so you’d have to hope that Sony will be able to resolve the situation relatively quickly. They’ve already done a lot of work on the network, and I’m sure there are many Japanese gamers eagerly awaiting the return of the PSN.

Source: Nikkei

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