5 Things You Deserved to See in the Batman V Superman Trailer

5 Things You Deserved to See in the Batman V Superman Trailer 4

The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer leaked Thursday night. It felt like decades have gone by since the initial announcement of Batman V Superman at San Diego Comic-con in 2013. They stole the show with just the logo, and the reciting of the most recognizable quote from The Dark Knight Returns book by Frank Miller, and this was the same show that Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was revealed. No one expected right on the heels of Man of Steel that Batman and Superman would face off for the first time ever on the big screen.

With several outlets reporting it would be showcased in previous Warner Bros. films like the Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, Jupiter Ascending to the May release of Mad Max being all wrong, fans were starting to wonder when they would see more.

Now with the trailer out there, here’s what we all deserved to see versus what we got.


Man of Steel left many questioning the son of Krypton’s morality because of the amount of damage inflicted to the city. Although not all the destruction was his fault, the world will blame Superman because he’s the only one they can. It’s possible that in order to look good in the public eye, billionaire Lex Luthor will work with Bruce Wayne to repair the city. In tandem with that, he may start campaigns that explicitly state, “We can’t trust the alien.” How Superman proves himself to not be the destroyer of worlds like his people will be one of the most interesting aspects of the film.

Reality: The trailer starts off with the government debating if the very existence of Superman is a good thing. They’re giving the Man of Steel two options, either bow to the will of the government or be discharged from the planet earth.


One of the biggest criticisms of this film is how Synder plans to juggle the other members of the league while introducing Batman into the fold. It can be as simple as showing S.T.A.R. Labs or them appearing on security cameras in the Batcave as Batman keeps a watchful eye on what he may perceive as potential threats to the world. Probably planning a contingency plan while he’s at it. Synder is no stranger in planting Easter eggs. Man of Steel was filled with them that suggested Booster Gold and Aquaman exist in the universe.

Reality: The trailer doesn’t focus on any other members of the Justice League besides Superman and Batman. The focus however is on Superman and how the world views him.


Everyone wanted Bryan “Heisenberg” Cranston, (Breaking Bad) before it was announced that Jesse Eisenberg would receive the roll of the cunning yet evil mastermind Lex Luthor. It would appear the bald-headed power-hungry billionaire will be the movie’s main antagonist despite whispers of Doomsday making an appearance. He has a lot of resources at his disposal that could spell trouble for Superman. Fans have been skeptical that Eisenberg could intimidate the Man of Tomorrow. This trailer needs to prove otherwise if this movie is going to appease the faithful.

Reality: Lex Luthor makes a debut but you could miss it if you don’t listen carefully.  His one line adds more fuel to flames as people try to figure out what’s the next course of action against the alien.



Ben Affleck’s interpretation of the Dark Knight is what this movie is riding on. If not done correctly, this whole movie could fall flat. No pressure. The reception they receive from the trailer could very well dissipate all skepticism of Affleck taking the role or it could send it spiralling down into movie hell. First impression is key. Gotham City needs to be as or more gritty than Batman. It needs to be an extension of the character. The rampant crime is a staple for the city. Everyone knows what Metropolis looks like, so Gotham needs to resemble the complete opposite of hope.
Reality: Snippets of thugs shooting Batman are seen in the trailer but no visible landmarks are shown.

Affleck’s take on the caped crusaders voice isn’t as nearly as raspy as the Christian Bale version. Which is a sigh of relief because Bale’s voice has been stuck in our heads for years that led to an excessive amount of parody videos.


It’s the most iconic battle in comics. What the whole world has been waiting for since the superhero genre took over Hollywood, Batman versus Superman. Batman has always done his research to be one step ahead of the opposition. Seeing how he is a veteran, nothing surprises him anymore, until he meets Superman that is. Realizing some being out there that is capable of destroying the entire planet but claims to be its saviour never sits well with the world’s greatest detective, well, at first anyway. Their first encounters with one another has always been interesting to watch because of the differences in their ideologies always clash.


Reality: No fists were thrown in the trailer. For those that seen the SDCC trailer when it leaked, Superman appears in the sky as Batman readies himself for battle. Something similar happens in this trailer, but you hear a bone-chilling line that Batman says before the trailer jump cuts to the logo.
The trailer displays Superman has all the odds against him; Luthor and Batman all have different strategies to take him down. The voiceovers give you a sense of how the world would react to a god living among us. The combination of what’s presumably the Batman theme in the movie, and the visuals, convey the tone of what you can expect. It’s darker than Man Of Steel, because of The Dark Knight Returns tribute, but in a reverse fashion, with Superman being the threat rather than Batman. Coming out of all this will be a testament to his character. Will truth, justice and the American way prevail? Find out when Batman V Superman hits theatres worldwide Mar. 25, 2016.

On April 20


, playing in select IMAX theatres, you can witness the trailer of the second movie in the overarching DC Cinematic Universe in crisp quality as well as witness never before seen footage.

Let the hype begin.
Are you excited for Batman V Superman? Let us know the comments below?

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