Five Rulers In Video-Games Who Are Worse Than Rob Ford

| November 5, 2013
Five Rulers In Video-Games Who Are Worse Than Rob Ford 9

Today, Rob Ford confessed to the city of Toronto that he has, in fact, smoked crack cocaine. We here at CGM have been following the Ford case for quite some time now and have decided to compile a list of some of the worst video-game rulers of all time.


1. Baron Praxis (Jak II): Praxis is known by anyone in the Jak series as one of the shadiest rulers in gaming. We first met Praxis at the beginning of Jak II when he imprisoned Jak and performed experiments on him for two years. His platform is an emphasis on stopping the Metalheads, even though he secretly trades with the Metalhead leader. Not to mention his forming of the nasty Krimson Guards! He eventually meets his untimely demise, but not before leaving Jak one final parting gift.


2. Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI): One of the most sadistic rulers in all video-games, Kefka starts as the Emperor’s court mage but soon becomes ruler of the world, plunging it into darkness. His political choices also haven’t been so grand, including when he poisoned an entire enemy castle, killing women and children. Kefka, like many twisted rulers before him, has a love for destruction and chaos.


3. Adolf Hitler (Wolfenstein 3D): Come on, did you really think we were gonna leave him out? He also appears in Persona 2: Innocent Sin as one of the final bosses…not to mention almost every World War II game ever.


4. Andrew Ryan (Bioshock): Ryan was someone many could get behind. Creating a utopia under the sea that houses creativity and innovation. Unfortunately, this ideology didn’t pan out due to Ryan’s greed and selfishness. Rapture tore itself apart, with Ryan at the center-piece. Who knows, maybe a society focused on objectivism will one day work (I doubt it).


5. Bowser (Super Mario Bros.): King of the Koopas, Bowser has brought frustration to the Mushroom Kingdom time and time again. Known for stealing women to far away castles, this guy is a true criminal. Luckily, the Kingdom’s manual labour division has some upstanding citizens.

There you have it. Feel a bit better about Toronto? Just think, it could be worse. You can also check out Rob Ford’s video-game (Stay Mayor) on the Google Play Store here.

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