Game of the Year 2015: Action

Game of the Year 2015: Action 1

As another year ends, the CGM staff has come together to award Game of the Year to deserving titles of 2015. After a lengthy and heated debate on podcast, and a vote from the CGM staff all over the world, we have crowned our GotY picks! Here is our pick for the Action Game of the Year.

Do you like car chases, big bloody brawls, explosions, and chaos at every turn? Then action games are right up your alley. These games challenge your reflexes, quick-thinking, and make you the hero every kid dreams of being. These games will get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping better than all others.

Nominees: Mortal Kombat X
                    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
                    Batman: Arkham Knight
                    Halo 5: Guardians

Winner: Batman: Arkham Knight Gotham is finally playable in all of its glory and is absolutely astounding to simply glide or drive though. The rain-soaked and bleak design feels very much like the non-period specific gothic lightshow of Tim Burton’s Batman universe and the city has been crafted down to minute details. The combat is just as comfortably thrilling as always, with Rocksteady increasing the speed and ease of the design to make it even more simple, addictive, and powerful.

As our reviewer Phil Brown put it, “Taken as a trilogy, the Arkham series isn’t just the greatest superhero video game series ever mounted, but one of the greatest interpretations of the Batman mythos in any medium.”

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