2015 Game of the Year Winner

2015 Game of the Year Winner 1

As another year ends, the CGM staff has come together to award Game of the Year to deserving titles of 2015. After a lengthy and heated debate on podcast, and a vote from the CGM staff all over the world, we have crowned our GotY picks! Eight categories that span all year and a wide range of genres. These titles are the best of the best of 2015 and demonstrate unique qualifications that set them apart and above in 2015. Here is our pick for 2015 Game of the Year.

Game of the Year is not a title that is considered lightly. This is a game that not only stands out within its genre, but stands beyond all games across all genres. It is a game that showcases extreme technical proficiency, incredible storytelling capabilities, an immersive and believable game world, and stays with the player long after they’ve finished playing. It’s a game that players not only want to talk about months after completion, but to revisit and find every last little detail. It is with great deliberation that we present these games for the title of Game of the Year.

Nominees: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
                    Fallout 4

Winner: The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a shining example of what video games can be, not only technically, but artistically. Its sheer scope is baffling and the amount of content within can very well keep players engaged for an entire year. Its combat mechanics are tight and technical, rewarding precision over barbaric button bashing, and its levelling and upgrade system, while some may considering restrictive, add a layer of depth to the game that forces you to strategize every encounter.

But beyond being a technically proficient game, it’s also a deep and complex story that makes the player an integral part of it, stopping them to consider each choice as they influence momentous events. Its beautiful designs for landscapes, monsters, and people create a world that feels alive; one that’s as beautiful as it is harrowing. The Witcher 3 is a sterling example of a video game, deeply complex, awe inspiring, and above all FUN. It truly deserves the title of Game of the Year.

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