Mystery, Vague Notions, and Grenade Launching Kettles This Screenshot Saturday

Mystery, Vague Notions, and Grenade Launching Kettles This Screenshot Saturday

Sometimes we don’t get what we want. I wanted full, detailed descriptions of every game I came across regardless of whether or not the developers were ready to release that information. They wanted to work on their projects and post some images to the indie in-dev media collection known as Screenshot Saturday without me harassing them for more. But I have some self control, so at least one of us had their way.

Anyhoo, have a look at some of the samples I managed to scrape together.

Three Fourths Home by Bracket Games

Little information is publicly available about this game. The developer’s focus is on story-driven experiences and non-linearity, so this monochromatic image is likely from something of the sort. For context, they’re currently working on another narrative surrounding a couple’s post-epidemic relationship and the strain that survival places upon it. Your choices will shape their fates.

Somewhere by Oleomingus

A mystery wrapped in a riddle. Even developers’ page seems intentionally cryptic, conveying their theme with a long series of excerpts from the protagonist’s journal and screenshots with minimal descriptions. Their TIGSource crew call defines it as a “stealth and exploration game”, but whatever it is, it looks fascinating.

Novus by Vergeous

Those are some gorgeous trees. Novus is a sandbox role playing game about planet exploration and colonization. Players will create and manage populated settlements, reap resources from the environment, and further their ultimate end through multiple routes. The veracity of claims to excellent gameplay remains to be seen, but there’s no mistaking some beautiful foliage.

OTTTD by SMG Studio

That’s Over The Top Tower Defense. It’s a popular mobile defense game that prides itself on ridiculous enemies, art, and items like the Victrola cannon the heavy fellow above is sporting (his other gun is a teapot). Now it’s receiving a desktop treatment that squeezes modern highfalutin’ graphical trimmings like shadows out of its new hardware home.

Jenny LeClue by Mografi

Jenny Leclue

“One of the author’s many hobbies.” I hope that’s stuffed. Otherwise, the mystery of the author’s death could be an astoundingly easy case for Jenny. This endearing young kid’s gumshoe story is a choose your own adventure with an emphasis on exploration, a lovely art style, and a dry sense of humor. A crowdfunding effort is apprently imminent!

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