Later Alligator Review

Kris Goorhuis

Kris Goorhuis is a freelance writer, nerd, and pathologically shy fish in a sea of eyes. Leer at him on Twitter.

Later Alligator Review 1

Later Alligator Review

Alligator New York will eat you up and spit you out if you don’t keep a thick hide. Luckily most of its residents do, and nobody in Pillowfight’s Later Alligator really seems to be having a bad time. 
Unusual Games That Explore What The Medium Can Be 1

Unusual Games That Explore What the Medium Can Be

It’s been a few years since the gaming industry began flirting with what you might call the experimental. Digital distribution came along and provided and did its thing, providing a viable avenue for the stranger things to reach us all.
Sublevel Zero (Pc) Review 6

Sublevel Zero (PC) Review

It’s rare that a game addresses the existence of random level arrangements. Sigtrap Games seized the opportunity the thematic context that a sci-fi setting provides and introduces their title with a backstory wrapped in the universe’s descent into a texture of displaced foam. Swatches of space are unraveling at the seams, flitting in and out […]
Viridi (Pc) Review

Viridi (PC) Review

Mom said it was unkillable. I mean, technically, I didn’t kill it. Crusty, crunchy sienna was spreading like coffee through a tablecloth and its base was a graveyard of failed shoots, but my old college plant is still alive and kicking. In fact it looks fantastic now. I haven’t been responsible for its wellbeing in […]
Top 10 Relatively Unpopular Pc Indie Games You Should Play

Top 10 Relatively Unpopular PC Indie Games You Should Play

Life can be tough for the indie developer. While many noteworthy, deserving studios go on to overwhelming success and accolades, player attention is not distributed on an even, merit-based spread.
Top 10 Best Dota 2 Workshop Mods 1

Top 10 Best Dota 2 Workshop Mods

It seems we’re in store for a resurgence of classic Blizzard modifications. Dota Reborn’s updated Source 2 engine is towing a vastly improved capacity for the sort of user mods that birthed the game to begin with. At least one of these brought back fond memories of hosting Starcraft lobbies, though most will understandably harken […]
Best Stealth Games You’ve Probably Never Played

Best Stealth Games You’ve Probably Never Played

Feeling furtive? We’ve been blessed with some stellar stealth games in recent years, both on PC and console, but what if you’ve already logged weeks of time with Metal Gear and Splinter Cell?
Best Mods For Cities: Skylines 8

Best Mods for Cities: Skylines

There’s only so much a small team can produce. A team of a million plus, even if the majority aren’t involved, can produce a ton.
Top 10 Best Strategy Games Under $10 8

Top 10 Best Strategy Games Under $10

Grab some coffee and draw the curtains, armchair generals, because it’s time for some great strategy gaming on the cheap.
Screenshot Saturday: Virtual Space And Colossal Narratives

Screenshot Saturday: Virtual Space and Colossal Narratives

I bet it’s difficult to fall ill in space. Unless people are firing viruses at the ISS along with their humans, I don’t think there’s much capacity to spread disease in such an isolated place. Makes me wish I had been in space for the past couple days… Some things should be spread around, though […]

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