Happy Thanksviewing from Screenshot Saturday, Patriots!

Happy Thanksviewing from Screenshot Saturday, Patriots! 2

Another weekend past, another round of sweet Screenshot Saturday goodness served up fresh. Bask in the early release of indie game information, check out some of the juiciest bits below, then go back to obsessing over the new Pokemon release.

Island Delta by Sami and Timo Kuronen

The brothers Kuronen apparently hatched this idea over an unstated number of pints – their lager-fueled dream game originally being conceived as an isometric runner. Players are still attempting to extricate themselves from beach-bordering facilities without the use of firearms, but the game has since taken a turn toward action-puzzle territory. Your protagonist works an upgradeable gravity manipulation device to maneuver past scuttling crab-bots, solve environmental problems, and find his way past varyingly deadly security measures. Charming visuals round out a rather promising iOS package.

Americana Dawn by Bit Bonton

Americana Dawn

Here’s a strange mix for you: colonial America and its folklore as rendered through the lense of a pixel-age JRPG. Americana Dawn draws from “over two centuries of early American history”, which is, as far as the U.S. is concerned, essentially all of it. You play a sea spirit, a man-shaped creature whose longevity will see him through a great many of the east coast’s most significant events. Turn-based battles can spell a swift end for your three person party – just a few hits – so your use of ability cooldowns will need to be judicious. If you’re interested, consider backing their Kickstarter campaign!

GRAV by Bit Monster Games

Procedurally generated worlds house various flora, fauna, and collectible resources for players to exploit and perforate. From over your character’s shoulder, plunge into caves in search of bounties and building materials alike and fend off the rest of the beasties coming your way with the automated defenses and traps you’ve constructed. You’d be forgiven for thinking that building structures, crafting weapons, and exploring unique variations of landscapes alone or with buddies sounds like a riff on a certain blocky sandbox’s successes. Fortunately, such is something many of us will never tire of. Be warned, however: you may need to endure some pop culture references.

Prima Quest by Atlantic Games

From what I’ve been able to piece together from the team’s Tumblr page, they’re building some sort of hackey-slashey third person brawl with role-playing conventions spliced in. The player traverses a god-forsaken land known as Iridos – a piece of which you can find in this concept art. Its craggy scapes are barren and shrouded in fog, only rarely pocked by an errant splash of green life or contrasted by your character’s crimson cloak. We’ll find out how it plays at some point down the line, and centent ourselves to oggle its striking visual style until then.

Wander by various contributors

This one is a combat-less exploration experience that will, somehow, justify being hailed as an MMO. You begin as a conscious tree shambling out of the rainforest in search of wonder. Planet-affecting storms transform you, shifting you into the body of more mobile beings. Working with other players to unlock experiences just might reveal pieces of a larger plotline or glimmers of the sense of joy the game sets out to capture.

Kris Goorhuis
Kris Goorhuis

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