Razer Overwatch Suite Overview: Play Like the Pros

Razer Overwatch Suite Overview: Play Like the Pros 7

To commemorate the anniversary of the release of Overwatch, Razer released a suite of Overwatch themed peripherals for fans of the award-winning game. We at CGMagazine were able to try out all four components of the suite and compiled this article diving into each peripheral individually. 

Razer Goliathus Speed: Overwatch Edition

Razer Overwatch Suite Overview: Play Like The Pros
Razer Goliathus Speed Overwatch Edition (image credit: CGM Staff)

Price: $45 CDN

Mousepads may not be the most glorious aspect of a computer setup, but the Razer Goliathus Speed: Overwatch Edition manages to bring with it a fair bit of excitement. Right off the bat, the mousepad is sizeable and is more than large enough to hold both an average size keyboard, while leaving substantial room to move one’s mouse around. Speaking of mouse manoeuvrability, the slick surface of the Goliathus Speed works effectively on all sensitivity settings, which is essential in a quality mousepad.

It also is a good looking piece of equipment, as the Overwatch emblem has a fair bit of shine to it, and the ember-like designs very much bring the package together. It’s also very easy to roll up, which makes it perfect for those who move their computer setup around often. At $45 CDN the Goliathus Speed is a bit pricey, and you can definitely get a cheaper mousepad that works just fine. That being said, it is high quality and a nice addition to any Overwatch fans setup.

Deathadder Elite Mouse: Overwatch Edition

Razer Overwatch Suite Overview: Play Like The Pros 2
Deathadder Elite: Overwatch Edition (image credit: CGM Staff)

Price: $100 CDN

If you were expecting a mouse with an assortment of buttons and switches then you may be disappointed by the relatively minimalist layout of the Razer Deathadder Elite: Overwatch Edition. The Deathadder sports two buttons on its left side that can be set to commands, a sensitivity slider on the top, as well as the standard left click, right click and scrolling button. That being said, the lack of complexity isn’t a bad thing, and its simplified design works in its favour. The Deathadder utilizes Razer’s mechanical switch technology, and it has a satisfying responsiveness to it that suits the fast-paced gameplay of Overwatch quite well. It’s also very comfortable to use and has a rubber grip on either side of the mouse that keeps your hand from slipping, even during long play sessions.

Visually, The Deathadder Elite: Overwatch Edition has a glowing Overwatch logo emblazoned on the front that is visually striking, although not very noticeable in-game. Similarly to the Widowmaker Chroma, it features a glowing light that changes depending which hero you use (Genji glows green, D.Va glows pink), and while the feature doesn’t grant any advantage in the game, it does help create a more immersive experience.

Razer Man O’War: Overwatch Edition

Razer Overwatch Suite Overview 2
Razer Man ‘O War: Overwatch Edition (image credit: CGM Staff)

Price: $145 CDN

There’s nothing quite like wearing a headset to show off your love for Overwatch. A headset that helps its users take their game to the next level might just be the icing on the cake. Razer’s Man O’War Overwatch Edition does just that. The plush ear cushions are soft and feel very comfortable, and the wide headband only adds to this and makes longer gaming sessions feel better for the ears. In terms of sound, the ear cup design helps isolate outside noises, while the quality of the sound and the sense of direction it has are great and can be crucial at times when listening for enemy movement.

These headphones also have a flexible microphone, which, coupled with the in-line remote, makes communicating with teammates a breeze. The position of the microphone is adjustable, and microphone can be retracted into the left ear cup — both ear cups are rotatable, offering more comfort and flexibility. Aesthetically, the headphones look a bit big and clunky. However, the pros outweigh the cons and they are more than worth the price.

Blackwidow Chroma: Overwatch Edition

Razer Overwatch Suite Overview: Play Like The Pros 3
Blackwidow Chroma: Overwatch Edition (image credit: CGM Staff)

Price: $233 CDN

The heartbeat of the Razer Overwatch Suite is easily the special edition Blackwidow Chroma keyboard. The Chroma, which was first introduced back in 2010 is one of the best gaming keyboards available at its price point. It possesses the signature Razer mechanical switch that makes inputting commands and hitting keys feel responsive and dynamic. That being said, if you are someone who prefers a quiet gaming setup, whether you’re playing late at night and don’t want to wake your family, or just prefer the sound of relative science, then this is probably not the keyboard for you.

However, the Blackwidow Chroma: Overwatch Edition isn’t simply a re-skinned version of the regular Blackwidow Chroma, as it possesses a number of exclusive in-game features. Similarly to the Deathadder Elite, the Chroma lights up a different colour depending on what hero you are playing. Not only that, but specific abilities, such as Soldier 76’s Helix Rockets and Ana’s Sleep Darts blink red when they are on cooldown and light up when they are ready to use. Also, when you build up your ultimate ability, a wave of light sweeps across the keyboard and lights up brightly. It’s hard to overstate how impressive and immersive the light features are, and they definitely make the keyboard a must-buy for Overwatch fans.

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