Top 5 Things To Do In GTA Online With Your Friends

Top 5 Things To Do In GTA Online With Your Friends 5

Ever since GTA Online was released by Rockstar in October 2013, just one month after the initial launch of GTA 5, players worldwide have been meeting up in the digital city of Los Santos and getting into all sorts of trouble for almost an entire decade now. 

Since launching the game, Rockstar has put out countless updates for the game – some more favorable than others – and has given players the opportunity to discover new game modes, new player items, new vehicles, and all sorts of other quirky GTA things. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best things Rockstar has added to the game, and list for you our top 5 things to do with a friend in GTA Online. And what better way to kick off the countdown than starting off with a classic:

5. Raiding the military base

Top 5 Things To Do In Gta Online With Your Friends

Located on the west side of the map, tucked between Mount Josiah and Tongva Hills, players can find Los Santos’ very own military base, Fort Zancudo. Here, players can find and steal all sorts of special military vehicles such as fighter jets, military jeeps, tanks, and helicopters – including the cargobob needed in the Merryweather heist. In what practically feels like its own mission, you are immediately greeted by a full-fledged assault of military personnel upon entering the restricted base, but if you can manage to survive long enough to reach a tank or jet, you just might be able to escape with a nice piece of military-grade equipment. Make sure to work in coordination with your friends to help each other out, because it can get messy! 

4. Visit the casino

Top 5 Things To Do In Gta Online With Your Friends 1

Located in East Vinewood, The Diamond Casino & Resort opened its virtual doors to players back in the summer of 2019. While real online gambling in the US is just now starting to take off, GTA was ahead of the game, offering visitors of Los Santos a place to play virtual casino games, bet on horse races, and even try their luck at spinning the wheel in hopes of claiming the rotating car featured on display on the casino floor. Even if you don’t win the car, you can still earn some cool free stuff like casino tokens, cash, RP, or various player items with your free daily spin of the wheel.

In addition to the various games you can play at the casino, there is also a rooftop terrace you can visit, as well as a nightclub located just outside of the casino on the northern side. Visiting the casino to claim the free visitor bonus as well as take a spin on the wheel has become automatic for my friends and I every time we load up a session of GTA Online, just be careful you don’t lose all your money on the slots, or blow everything on a $100K bottle of champagne…

3. Race your friends down Mt. Chiliad by bike

Top 5 Things To Do In Gta Online With Your Friends 2

Measuring in at an elevation of 2619 feet above sea level, Mount Chiliad is the tallest mountain in San Andreas. Players can find the massive mountain on the north end of the map, right between Paleto Bay and the Alamo Sea. Ridden with different hiking/biking trails, and some gnarly natural jumps, Mount Chiliad serves as the perfect venue for a high-speed race filled with belly-laughing moments. Grab some friends, find some bikes, and see who can make it down the quickest, or even just without getting wasted. This is a fail-safe option for whenever my buddies and I want a little friendly competition and need a good laugh. You can typically find a bike laying around at the gondola located at the bottom of the mountain, or if you get lucky there can be bikes waiting for you and your friends up at the peak sometimes.

2. Start an Organization with your friends

Top 5 Things To Do In Gta Online With Your Friends 3

If you and your friends want to make some quick money and complete some missions without all the commitment of starting a heist, then starting an organization is the perfect compromise. One player will whip out their phone and register as the VIP/CEO through the SecuroServ network. Then they can invite anyone in the lobby to join the organization as bodyguards/associates. The VIP/CEO will then be able to start some in-game missions that the entire organization has to complete. Careful though, other players in the lobby will likely come after the VIP/CEO, so it’s up to the bodyguards/associates to stay close to the boss and keep them safe. If they can keep the VIP/CEO safe, they will earn a $5,000 salary every 15 minutes, but that amount will decrease by $250 every time the VIP/CEO is killed.

1. Run a heist

Top 5 Things To Do In Gta Online With Your Friends 4

Arguably the main feature of GTA Online is the ability to run a heist, from beginning to end, with either your friends or a group of strangers. While a single heist can take some time to complete from start to finish, it is the best way to earn large amounts of cash and progress through the game. Best experienced with 4 people (you plus three of your friends), heists are actioned packed mini-stories that have multiple setup missions leading up to the execution of the main heist. Back in March 2015, heists were introduced to the game with the game-changing Heists Update. Since then, there are now a total of 8 different heists for you and your friends to play. So grab some friends, clear your calendar, and get heisting! 

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