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Wandering the Black Desert (Forest) 4

Wandering the Black Desert (Forest)

I never played Ultima Online. Tucked away in rural Ontario, I never had a chance to run around an overcrowded, experimental landscape, building chairs and

PC Gaming Show E3 2015 - 2015-06-17 13:22:04

PC Gaming Show E3 2015

So, apparently we needed a PC-specific event at E3. Previously, we haven’t had one because the PC as a platform lacks the centrality of consoles

Early Access: 20XX - 2015-02-20 13:16:11

Early Access: 20XX

Mega Man Rogue-like? Sure, okay. One thing I love about rogue-likes – games with procedurally generated content designed to kill you and to make you

Early Access: H1Z1 6

Early Access: H1Z1

When I started H1Z1, I immediately checked to see if I had the name right. My understanding is that DayZ had launched as a complete

Dungeon Defenders II Preview - 48895

Dungeon Defenders II Preview

Early Access games is a strange concept for games. You can’t really evaluate them with the same level as finished products, since they never profess

Marvellous Miss Take Preview - 2014-11-24 12:31:01

Marvellous Miss Take Preview

Stealth sections in games. The counter-intuitive bane of action RPGs and the destroyer of multiplayer teamwork. They’re somewhat controversial – Warframe rescue missions inevitably result

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