New Steam Release Hyperun Channels The Raw Energy Of Akira

Andrew Ko

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New Steam Release Hyperun Channels The Raw Energy Of Akira 3

New Steam Release Hyperun Channels the Raw Energy of Akira

With Blade Runner returning to the big screen after 35 years, and the live-action Akira in talks, the filmmaking zeitgeist today is clawing quite a far ways back to satisfy their questionable diet for established franchises. Instead of continuing the momentum of the creative power-train that these films built by using the inspiration to make […]
World’s Adrift: How One Studio Is Tackling The “Dying” Mmo Genre With Physics 3

Worlds Adrift: How One Studio is Tackling the “Dying” MMO Genre with Physics

Of all the dirges being played for “dying” video game genres, the one for MMORPGs has certainly been the longest and most hypnotic to listen to. It’s hypnotic in that the genre seems to transfix people from ever leaving it. World of Warcraft players are seen resubbing year after year with the hope of living […]

How the Director of Your Name Invented a New Medium of Anime

Makoto Shinkai never set out to become a mainstream director.
It Doesn’t Matter If Ghost In The Shell Lives Up To The Original 4

It Doesn’t Matter if Ghost in the Shell Lives Up to the Original

The 2017 moviegoing audience is a world removed from the 1995 Internet-boom generation that Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell animated classic first released to, and it’s two worlds removed from the 1989 steampunk-curious readership of Masamune Shirow’s original manga.
Why Death Stranding Is Therapy For Kojima 3

Why Death Stranding is Therapy for Kojima

Kojima’s departure from Konami came about like a sudden illness.
Picking Apart The World Of Horizon Zero Dawn 5

Picking Apart the World of Horizon Zero Dawn

Understanding the world and backstory of Guerilla’s AAA beast Horizon Zero Dawn begins with a look at Aloy, PlayStation’s newest heroine portrayed by Ashly Burch. A glance at her hazel eyes and her stoic face can both dazzle with its impressively realistic animations and, simply, surrender the essence of a misunderstood female outcast. A glimmer […]
Hook A Vulcan Up In Star Trek Timelines Valentine'S Event 1

Hook A Vulcan Up in Star Trek Timelines Valentine’s Event

After Star Trek Timelines new in-game Valentine’s Day event, “Season of Love,” kicks off this Thursday, player captains will have until February 20 to hook a Vulcan up. Explained: From K-Pop Star To Mech Warrior 3

D.Va Explained: From K-Pop Star to Mech Warrior

Hana Song, the 19-year old ex-StarCraft pro from South Korea, is a celebrity. A poster of Song’s starring role in the movie Hero of My Storm gleams of her star personality in Overwatch’s version of Hollywood.

5 Reasons Why Gravity Rush 2 Is Unpopular in the West

Perhaps the most telling difference between the reception of Gravity Rush 2 in its Eastern and Western release is its title.

Do Video Games Have a Place in Fashion?

It’s rare for a player to stop and wonder about the rainbow motley that is video game fashion. Though when a fan asked “‘What’s going on with Kat’s clothes?’”, seen in a recent tweet by Shunsuke Saito, the lead character designer of Gravity Rush, 

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