Hook A Vulcan Up in Star Trek Timelines Valentine’s Event

Hook A Vulcan Up in Star Trek Timelines Valentine's Event 1

After Star Trek Timelines new in-game Valentine’s Day event, “Season of Love,” kicks off this Thursday, player captains will have until February 20 to hook a Vulcan up.

A merging of time and space has triggered the mysterious “pon farr” mating ritual, in which adult Vulcans undergo a neurochemical imbalance that takes on a form of madness, culminating in a plak tow. If by small chance you’re not familiar with the term, the plak tow in Star Trek is a Vulcan phrase literally meaning “blood fever.” It is characterized by irrational and instinct driven behaviour, a combative nature and a high fever. Normally, a Vulcan in this state is unable to speak or think clearly, and the desire to mate was very strong and irresistible. Sound like a familiar Valentine’s Day? Read on.

Any Vulcan left unattended by players is at risk of becoming plak tow. The event runs from Feb. 16, 2017 to Feb. 20, 2017, so it looks like players will only have five days to get their groove on. Special Event Crew includes Ambassador Troi, Kal-if-fee Kirk, and Kal-if-fee Spock. Players have access to unique Federation Faction Missions, and using any version of Kirk, Spock, or Troi will provide a bonus to Federation Faction Missions. In addition, completing these missions will earn players Event Victory Points, which can be collected to unlock special Event Threshold Rewards that will be sent out at the end of the event. Finally, Players in a Squadron may now compete to advance up the Squadron leaderboard.

Disruptor Beam’s Star Trek Timelines is a mobile title featuring hundreds of characters, 3D ship battles, and an immense galaxy to explore. And so, along with the ability to command and upgrade iconic starships, assemble a crew, and explore the galaxy, the game is about to get a blast of a whole ‘lotta love.

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