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Acer Predator Triton 500

Acer Predator Triton 500

The Predator Triton 500 is Acer’s premium 300hz gaming laptop, featuring the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super with G-sync compatibility and a 10th gen Intel i7 CPU.

Marvel's Iron Man VR Review 5

Marvel’s Iron Man VR Review

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a decent game, but one that will only likely appeal to a younger audience or die-hard fans of the property.

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Death Stranding PC Preview

Making its PC debut, Hideo Kojima’s long-awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive Death Stranding makes its way on to PC, bringing with it an impressive first-showing.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Review 1

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes Review

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is a game that in many ways, takes the essence of a good table-top game and directly translates it into a competent, online dungeon-crawling RPG.

Skelattack Review

Skelattack Review

The Metroidvania sub-genre of videogames are some of my favourites, particularly when talking about smaller, bite-sized releases. Skelattack, developed by Ukuza, an indie development house

BIG Digital Announces Online Lineup for Event 1

BIG Digital Announces Online Lineup for Event

Announced back in May, Brazil’s largest videogame expo has gone digital. Brazil’s Independent Games or BIG Digital announced earlier today, its full program guide for

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Brazil’s Biggest Games Expo Goes Digital

With Brazil’s biggest games expo delayed until next year, fans can still look forward to BIG Digital, a brand new, online experience that promises to bring the popular event to a digital platform.

Streets of Rage 4 Review

Streets of Rage 4 Review

it is obvious the love and attention that went into creating Streets of Rage 4, a game made first and foremost for fans, but made accessible and engaging enough for casual players to enjoy. Streets of Rage 4 is a must play, particularly fans who may have been on the fence.

Predator: Hunting Grounds Review 1

Predator: Hunting Grounds Review

Predator: Hunting Grounds is a game that feels like a good idea that failed to materialize. I can only recommend the game for serious fans of the long-running franchise; or those who can wait around for the game to develop post-launch.

LG V60 5G ThinQ Dual Screen Review 11

LG V60 5G ThinQ Dual Screen Review

The LG V60 is a device that promises and delivers on its versatility while at the same time, being something that is futureproof for at least another couple of years thanks to the inclusion of its 5G capabilities and powerful processor.

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