Fortnite Guide: All NPC Locations in Chapter 3 Season 4

Fortnite Guide: All NPC Locations in Chapter 3 Season 4

The NPCs in Fortnite Season 4 play a big role in the game. In this season, they each have their own unique function. You can trade Mythic and exotic weapons with some NPCs for Gold; others you can hire, and still others you can’t. This guide will help you know which NPC characters you can find in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4.

NPCs are like furniture in the Fortnite Series. If you’ve played the game for a while, you’ll know that they are always there, in the background. You might not even notice them unless you go looking for them. In Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3, there are more than 20 NPCs to find across the map. They are all in different locations, so it’s like a scavenger hunt! Below is a list of all the NPCs and their locations.

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Fort Jonesy

  • Castaway Jonesy (Southeast side building)
  • Bunker Jonesy (southwest side pond)
  • Relaxed Fit Jonesy (inside the northwest building)
  • Jonesy the First (Northeast side building)

Coney Crossroads

  • Bao Bros (West Side near Ridgeline Ranger Station)
  • Beach Bomber (East Side)

Logjam Junction & Rave Cave

  • Kyle (Inside the Chop Shop, Logjam Junction)
  • Cryptic (on Airship, Rave Cave)

Lustrous Lagoon

  • Blackheart (on the floating ship)
  • Evie (east of the area, Syndicate Shoals)

Shifty Shaft & Sleepy Sounds

  • Sabina (Northwest of Sleepy Sounds)
  • Fishstick (inside the Sticks)
  • Rustler (northeast side of Shifty Shafts)
  • Maximillian (on the south side of Shifty Shafts)

Reality Falls & Reality Tree

  • Meowscles (west side of Reality Falls)
  • Kit (west side of Reality Tree)


  • The Underwriter (on Tilted Tower)
  • Stash’d (northwest side workshop in Chonker’s Speedway)
  • Guaco (on Greasy Grove)
  • Sunbird (On the Temple)
  • Panther (on Rocky Reels)
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Once you get close to an NPC in Fortnite, you’ll see a message icon appear on your screen. You can choose to interact with the NPC or ignore them, but keep in mind that if someone else kills or hires them before you get there, they’ll be gone for good, and you’ll have to wait until the next match to find them again.

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