Genshin Impact Guide: How Mystic Offering Works

Genshin Impact Guide: How Mystic Offering Works 1

The Mystic Offering system in Genshin Impact allows players to donate unwanted 5-star Artifacts to other 5-star artifacts from the same set, which is only really available to the more seasoned player. It’s a great feature for those with full inventories that opens up new opportunities for expanding their collections.

The Mystic Offering exchange rate for the Artifact Safe is three artifacts. You’ll receive one random item from a specific set, and you won’t get any duplicates if you trade multiple artifacts at once. So it’s best to trade more than one artifact to avoid getting the same item twice.

Current Artifact Sets

Right now, with the Mystic Offering service, you can get your hands on any of the five-star artifacts that have been updated for Genshin Impact 3.0. So if you’ve been waiting to get your hands on that one specific artifact, the time is now!

Here are the currently available Artifact Sets in the Mystic Offering system:

  • The end of the gladiator
  • Traveling Ensemble
  • Beloved young maiden
  • Ceremony of the ancient nobility
  • Knight of Blood
  • Emerald shadow
  • Loud roar of rage
  • Soothing Thunder
  • Burning Scarlet Witch
  • Walking on lava
  • archaic stone
  • Counter comet
  • Lost in a blizzard
  • Heart of the Deep
  • Pale fire
  • Millelite durability
  • Emblem of Sundered Fate
  • Memories of Shimenawa
  • Thundering Fury
  • Thundersoother
  • Viridescent Venerer
  • Maiden Beloved
  • Archaic Petra
  • Retracing Bolide
  • Crimson Witch of Flames
  • Lavawalker
  • Blizzard Strayer
  • Heart of Depth

How to use the Mystic Offering System

Genshin Impact Guide: How Mystic Offering Works

When you open the Mystic Offering screen, you’ll see a list of 14 Artifact Vaults. Choose the one you want, pick three unnecessary artifacts from it, and exchange them for a new one. Remember, every three artifacts get you one random new one.

The Mystic Offering system in Genshin Impact has been controversial since it was first introduced. Many players, especially those who don’t spend a lot of money or time on the game, criticized it for being unfair. The reason is that it’s a good way to get rid of excess artifacts, which can be difficult to destroy all at once. The addition of new artifact sets will most likely be welcomed by these players.

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