Gold Farming & Earning: a WoW Classic Guide with Tips

How to Get Started

Gold Farming & Earning: a WoW Classic Guide with Tips

In this WoW Classic money making guide, we’re going to be talking about ways to farm and earn gold, cover tips, farm spots, professions, and sell items on the auction house. 

Right off the bat, there are tips that every player utilizes in order to successfully farm gold:

  • Create a bank alt – this is straightforward, but makes your life easier. You need more bag space, which is a problem in Classic.
  • Don’t forget about faction discounts for flight masters.
  • Swim down the lakes for nodes; don’t miss out on these: people usually don’t stray off the usual route.
  • Choose what to learn: learn only the skills you need from a class trainer.
  • Fishing can be a good source of gold, selling Oily Blackmouth, Firefin Snapper, and Stonescale Eel.
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The Spawns Full of Gold – No Professions

Players are familiar with farming spots since they have to participate in WoW Classic gold farming in order to get into the end-game content. Money is essential everywhere. Unfortunately, you can’t do much if you don’t have enough gold. You can’t get a mount, or buy gear, consumables, etc.

This WoW Classic gold making guide focuses on listing farming spots for killing mobs for BoEs, materials, and consumables. You can also farm raw gold, which means you farm grey items from mobs like animals and sell the bulk to vendors for a pretty good price. 

Many think the Mage class is the best for farming gold in Classic, but it’s ok to farm with any class that has AoE abilities. Also, there are occasions when you have to kill mobs one by one anyway.

Make sure to always check your auction house prices. Each server’s economy is different.

Making money in WoW Classic through mob farming can be tedious, but it’s effective if you have no professions:

Gold Farming &Amp; Earning: A Wow Classic Guide With Tips 2
Jadefire Camps
  • Felwood. Killing satyrs in Jadefire Camps and Jadefire Glen.
    • Demonic rune farming – a consumable needed for mana classes, 
    • Felcloth 
    • Irontree Woods: Essence of Water and Savage Frond 
  • Silithus.
    • Farming Twilight Geolords and Avengers for Encrypted Twilight text, which gives reputation points with Cenarion Circle
    • Elementals. Sell Elemental Fire\Water\Earth plus Essences of Living and Undeath
    • Sandworm meat in North Silithus – you could farm these for a buff from Smoked Desert Dumplings
  • Shadowfang Keep
    • Drops BoE weapons: Assassin’s Blade, Shadowfang, Night Reaver – sell well for ~50-200g. Check your AH
    • Cloth – always in high-demand
  • For rogues only: Scarlet Monastery
    • Just pickpocket all mobs. You can find chests, rare spawns, BoEs, and bosses
  • Hinterlands – Skull Crook
    • Good place with BoEs, raw gold, WoW Classic ghost mushroom, mithril, and gold ores.
  • Deadwind Pass
    • Farming undead and ogres. Drop vendor items and cloth
  • Thousand Needles. Good while leveling, not necessarily ok at max level. You need to kill Screeching Harpies
    • Light Feather, Vibrant Plume (for Darkmoon Faire tickets), Sharp Claw
  • Stranglethorn Vale
    • Crystalvein cave. If you like mindlessly killing mobs, this is the best spot. Drops best raw vendor value items
Gold Farming &Amp; Earning: A Wow Classic Guide With Tips 3
The High Wilderness
  • Feralas. Killing ogres in The High Wilderness
    • Vendor trash
    • Mageweave
    • Silk cloth
    • BoEs
  • Winterspring
    • Farming E’kos. Check AH for the lucrative version (Frostsaber, Winterfall, Shardtooth, Wildkin, Chillwind, Ice Thistle, Froustmaul)
    • Winterfall Firewater consumables
  • Western Plaguelands
    • Hearthglen: an enchanting recipe – Crusader. Very expensive, yet check the AH
    • Weeping Cave: Rotting Behemoths and Decaying Horrors for a recipe: greater nature protection potion
  • Eastern Plaguelands
    • The Fungal Vale: greater shadow protection potion

WoW Classic gold farming can be tedious. Yet, it’s essential to get as much gold as possible for further expansions and just to improve your quality of life, get better gear, and raid comfortably. Have fun!

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