How to get the Powerful Golden Axe Weapon in Octopath Traveler

How to get the Powerful Golden Axe Weapon in Octopath Traveler

With the release of Octopath Traveler, many players who might be new to JRPGS or just those who might need a little help in getting over a particularly difficult encounter should consider grabbing the Golden Axe. A very powerful weapon that can be had early on, thanks to a few save reloads.

It should be noted, that the axe weapon class can only be equipped by H’aanit, additionally, players will need her and the thief Therion, in order to actually enter and steal the coveted item. Players that might be further into their adventures without either of the two aforementioned party members should be on the lookout for shrines, specifically the Shrine of the Huntress and the Shrine of the Prince of Thieves, which will unlock Therion and H’annit’s classes as secondary jobs.

How To Get The Golden Axe In Octopath Traveler

With the correct jobs, or Therion and H’annit present and accounted for, players should make their way to the town of Clearbrook, Alyfyn’s hometown. Once there, players will want to go towards the left, by the woman standing in front of one the houses. She’s the only NPC that is blocking the entrance to any of the homes, making her easy to spot.

How To Get The Golden Axe In Octopath Traveler 1

Now, with either H’annit or the warrior Olberic, who both have field skills that allow fighting NPCs, approch the woman and challenge her to duel.

The fight itself is fairly straightforward, with a recommended level of at least 12 or 13. Players that might be struggling can easily brute force the encounter by stocking up on some healing items while building up the boost gauge, in order to quickly eat through the grandaughter’s HP.

How To Get The Golden Axe In Octopath Traveler 2

After the battle, before entering the house, players should save the game and then enter inside. Once inside, the Golden Axe weapon will be held by the lone NPC in the house, unfortunately, there is only a 3% success rate in being able to steal the coveted weapon — this is where save reloading comes into play.

How To Get The Golden Axe In Octopath Traveler 3

It took me 2 resets in order to grab the weapon, with each reset granting be 4 attempts respectively, before forcing me to pay a rather large fee to reset the counter (which is why reloading the save is the better option). This might sound like a lot of work, however, the Golden Axe weapon is by far the strongest weapon in the game, especially early-on, viable at least until endgame.

Hopefully, this guide will help those struggling with overcoming a particularly tough boss or obstacle without resorting to a long grinding session.

Octopath Traveler is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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