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Cgmagazine December 2015: Retro Rewind
Feb 16, 2016

CGMagazine December 2015: Retro Rewind

Issue December 2015 CGMagazine kicks off a new year by going back in time to analyze how gaming of the past influences gaming of the future. Aleksander looks at how Super Metroid and Symphony of…

Cgmagazine October 2015: The Buyer'S Guide
Oct 16, 2015

CGMagazine October 2015: The Buyer’s Guide

October 2015 The 2015 CGMagazine Buyers guide is here. With guides to help you make the purchases for people on your holiday wishlist, and selections of the best products of the year, this is yo…

Cgmagazine September 2015 1
Sep 16, 2015

CGMagazine September 2015

September 2015 In this issue we look at the New Face of Comics. Have comics evolved with the times? David examines the effects of the popularity of superhero blockbusters, Phil examines the dwin…

Cgmagazine April 2015: The Fitness Issue 1
Apr 16, 2015

CGMagazine April 2015: The Fitness Issue

April 2015 Wellness, Fitness, videogames aren’t necessarily words that all fit together, but things have been changing in the interactive world in recent years. New technology and a desire on th…

Cgmagazine February 2015: The Education Issue 1
Feb 14, 2015

CGMagazine February 2015: The Education Issue

February 2015 This latest issue of CGM looks at how education and games aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. The perception of education has been changing a lot in recent years, and it’s no lo…

Issue Preview: Cgm Nov 2014 2
Nov 10, 2014

Issue Preview: CGM Nov 2014

In this latest issue of CGMagazine, the concept of cultural difference in media between western and eastern creators is tackled head-on. Exploring how games, comics and film differ in attitudes, va…

Cgm October 2014 Issue Preview 3
Oct 7, 2014

CGM October 2014 Issue Preview

The Horror Issue: October arrives and in keeping with the times, CGM looks into the abyss and finds absolute, mortal terror staring back. It’s our Halloween issue, and that means horror is back …

Cgm September 2014 Digital Issue 2
Sep 9, 2014

CGM September 2014 Digital Issue

Frank Miller has made a major mark on the comics scene. From his work on Daredevil to the landmark The Dark Knight Returns, yet in recent years his work has lost much of his lustre. In this issue o…

Cgm August 2014 - Holiday Buyers Guide 1
Aug 12, 2014

CGM August 2014 – Holiday Buyers Guide

Our reviewers have travelled the world to find the best games and comics for the coming holiday season. Find out what’s new, what’s coming, what to buy and what not to buy. If you are a parent buyi…

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