Get 10,000 Microsoft Reward Points for 10,000 Gamerscore

Get 10,000 Microsoft Reward Points for 10,000 Gamerscore

Achievement hunters listen up, for the month of May Xbox and Microsoft Rewards are teaming up to give Xbox players up to 10,000 Microsoft Reward points by earning gamerscore in Xbox’s Gamerscore Challenge event.

The promotion was initially spotted by TrueAchievements and is valid from May 11th to the 31st. In order for the challenge to start you must simply activate the May Gamerscore Challenge punchcard in the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox Console. During the 20-day window, redeem the challenge in May after earning 10,000 Gamerscore to earn your points. Achievements in Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 games are applicable for the May challenge.

Microsoft Reward Points can be redeemed through the Microsoft Rewards’ website or the console for a multitude of gift cards or subscriptions. Players who earn the maximum 10,000 gamerscore by the end of the month can redeem the points for either a $10 Xbox gift card or Xbox Game Pass for PC. If you’re looking to redeem a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, well the Microsoft Reward points needed go well beyond 10,000, but you could work toward it at a later point through other challenges available. Microsoft Reward Points can also be redeemed for non-gaming gift cards including Uber, Roblox, Skype, Walmart, Cineplex, Starbucks and much more.

Microsoft Rewards isn’t just about redeeming rewards for gift cards. It also hosts contests like the current opportunity where North American residents can enter with the chance to a ZOA Xbox Package. Included in the Microsoft Rewards package is one of the company’s special edition Series X mini-fridges and other items. That’s not the only way to get an Xbox-themed mini-fridge as Xbox game marketing general manager, Aaron Greenberg stated that Microsoft will be producing and selling Xbox Series X mini-fridges soon, which comes after barely winning the Twitter marketing poll against Skittles.

You have until the end of the May to earn your points, so get gaming!

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