Telltale’s Batman Children of Arkham is Just Down the Alley

Telltale's Batman Children of Arkham is Just Down the Alley

There was a time when Telltale Games took months to follow up on one of their stable of episodic adventure titles. It seems that fans of Batman: The Telltale Series will not likely know this pain. The Wolf Among Us fans are still bitter.

Episode one of Telltale’s Batman adventures in Gotham City, “Realm of Shadow“, came to us Aug 2nd of this year to some pretty high praise. Fans of the young series will be treated to episode two, “Children of Arkham“, on Sept 20, 2016 on the PC, Mac, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Like similar Telltale games, Batman will be available as a special “Season Pass Disc,” to console players, which will contain the first episode and will make further episodes as they come out, via download. The Season Pass Disc will be available in North American retailers on Sept 13th and Europeans on the 16th.

Gamers with a need for more instant gratification regarding the Caped Crusader and his cohorts can scoot over to the Wyvern Theatre at the Westin on the morning of Sept 3rd to witness the special Crowd Play event at PAX West. This will be the first outing for Telltale’s in-game Crowd Play feature, allowing audience members to influence the onscreen happenings of the game and vote for their preferred paths as choices occur with their mobile devices. The feature seems directed and the popularity of streaming services like Twitch and Youtube, a market that everyone seems to be trying to capitalize on these days.

While I am unsure as to how popular this sort of feature will be in a short form adventure game like Telltale’s usual outings, it does make me nostalgic for the days of my youth, shouting advice and slander at my brother during Sierra inspired romps.

Children of Arkham looks to put the titular Dark Knight at odds with and old friend and continue to explore his double life as billionaire Bruce Wayne. I, as well as many other fans, eagerly anticipate its release.

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