AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Now Available

| November 24, 2015
AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Now Available - 2015-11-24 09:04:31

Are you currently running an AMD video card? If so, it seems AMD has something special in their latest driver update.

AMD Crimson Edition, the latest driver set from AMD, is a large step forward for any AMD graphics card owner. If you are running anything from the 7700 series and up, you can take advantage of this new driver set.

The new drivers move away from the Catalyst framework and move into a much more user focused driver. the driver adds many new additions for AMD cards, one including Asynchronous shaders, that breaks down complex serial workloads into smaller parallel tasks, that ensures your GPU works efficiently. This is the same technology that many consoles use to ensure they get the most performance out of the hardware they have available.

There are many more features added to this new driver set, but to really get a feel for what it offers you, it would be best to try it out for yourself. You can download the driver set from the AMD download center now.

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