AMD Reveals New Line of Desktop Processors

AMD Reveals New Line of Desktop Processors 2
AMD Ryzen fans are being treated to a new line of Zen 3 desktop processors, giving older users a significant performance boost and other optimizations in work and gaming.

As users continue using PCs through the COVID-19 pandemic, the AMD platform was also detailed as the custom architecture for the next generation’s PS5 and Xbox Series X. This became the core theme for AMD’s annual presentation, with its Ryzen 5000 line taking the stage.

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In their livestream event, AMD head Lisa Su introduced the flagship Ryzen 5000 as the successor to the Zen 2 architecture. The new chip will also be featured across desktops, laptops, and a select number of hybrid computers. The desktop processor was flaunted as the highest in performance clocks, power efficiency for gaming rigs across different multitasking tools. The Zen 3 platform is AMD’s largest spec processor running with a single tread. Mark Papermaster broke down the Zen 3’s capabilities, calling it a “beast” which blows past the predecessor’s 4.7 GHz max clock speed and uses a new core layout for instant optimizations with tasks. The 32mb cache is also accessible over its 8 cores and adds a boost for loading games and industrial softwares.

Zen 3 also takes on a 19% higher instruction per clock, focusing much of its power towards loading and storing information efficiently and front end processes which come with starting up applications on the spot. The equal distribution in its 32MB cache is also doubled the size from Zen 2, creating twice the L3 efficiency without stress. Though Zen 2 had its two 16MB caches separate, Zen 3 chips unify this for a single thread form factor. This apparently makes the Zen 3 processors nearly three times faster than leading Intel CPUs including the i9 10900k.

Amd Reveals New Line Of Desktop Processors 2
AMD Ryzen 5000 Reveal – AMD

The AMD Ryzen 9 5900x boasts higher clock speeds and the 32mb cache which clocks the speeds up to 4.8GHz. Robert Hallock demoed Shadow of the Tomb Raider and compared it to its older Ryzen 9 3900XT. The 5900X ran at 181 frames per second, with its new core adding 40 frames over the 3900XT. This would also help users maintain a smoother 26% faster gaming experience on 1080p, while players can keep up a stable 144 frames in higher end monitors. The iconic Cinebench test was able to render a full result at under 8 minutes and became the first to break a 600 performance score (with a single thread processor).

Su also noted the 5000 series would include the 5800X and 5600X, clocking at 8 and 6 cores respectively. The 5900X is priced at $549 USD, while the 5800X is at $449 USD and the 5600X prices at $299 USD.

The premium AMD Ryzen 9 5950X clocks at 4.9 GHz, sports a whopping 72mb cache and takes on almost 30% more performance in apps such as SolidWorks. The 5950X also renders almost 60% more resources in apps such as V-Ray compared to Intel’s 10900K. It’s priced at $799 and releases with the entire line on November 5, 2020. AMD teased their new Radeon GPUs, starting with the Zen 3 Integrated 6000 Series. A demo of Borderlands 3 ran at a smooth 60 fps at 4K and 88 frames at Call of Duty Modern Warfare at 4K on PC platforms.

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