Amnesia: Rebirth Now Runs At 60 FPS On PS5, Adventure Mode Added In New Update

Amnesia: Rebirth Now Runs At 60 FPS On PS5, Adventure Mode Added In New Update 1

Developer Frictional Games has announced a free update for Amnesia: Rebirth for PlayStation owners, bringing Adventure Mode to PS4 and PS5, along with a boost to 60 FPS on PS5.

Horror fans on PlayStation have a lot to be excited for, and its not just because of the upcoming release of Resident Evil Village. Developer of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Rebirth Frictional Games has just released a free update for PS4 and PS5 owners of Amnesia: Rebirth.

The update will include the addition of Adventure Mode for both consoles, and for those PS5 owners a boost in frame rate up to 60 FPS. Adventure Mode was originally brought to the PC version of the game last month, and is now finally making its way to consoles.

Adventure Mode is an entirely new way to experience Amnesia: Rebirth, since it’s missing one key thing from the original version of the game – the monsters. You still get the thrilling story, just without the creepy creatures running around looking to kill you.

Amnesia Rebirth Now Runs At 60
Adventure Mode is for players who just want the story of Amnesia: Rebirth without the spooks

You also won’t get the sound and visual effects that would likely heighten the level of spookiness for your playthrough. With these omissions, the players experience is obviously changed dramatically, but according to the developers via a press release, “The game is still the same at its core”.

In that same press release, Fredrik Olsson the Creative Lead for Amnesia: Rebirth said “The game still has its very serious theme and sometimes unnerving ambiance, but the mode feels a lot more like an Indiana Jones type of adventure in places where it would otherwise be more of a horror experience”.

Adventure Mode will also feature bonus puzzles that according to the developers “add up to the experience of a true Lovecraftian mystery adventure novel”.

This update is a welcomed addition from both a content standpoint and a quality of life standpoint for PS5 players, who are now able to utilize more of the power on their device. This is also a big feature in terms of Amnesia: Rebirth‘s accessibility.

“We believe that anyone who loves a good story-driven game will be stoked about this new mode. Not everyone is into horror and we don’t want to block people from experiencing Tasi’s story”.

This now marks the second time Frictional Games has released an alternative mode for one of their games, as they did the same thing for their title SOMA, by releasing a Safe Mode which opened the game to a broader audience, something they hope to repeat with Amnesia: Rebirth.

For more on Amnesia: Rebirth, check out our review from its original release last October.

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