New Avatar Anime Set After Aang & Korra To Arrive In 2025

new avatar anime set after aang amp korra to arrive in 2025 829537

Avatar: The Last Airbender and its spin-off sequel The Legend of Korra are reported to be followed up with a new anime series in the same universe.

Avatar News dropped a bombshell report earlier this Friday, by unleashing the sentiment that a brand-new anime series successor to The Legend of Korra is being worked on by the very same Avatar Studios responsible for the first two groundbreaking series. The two series were met with high critical acclaim, and utilized deep lore to make reincarnation work between the two protagonists, Aang and Korra. This comes while the iron is still hot from the SDCC 2022 announcement of a brand-new animated Last Airbender based film featuring Aang and his friends as young adults.

The report goes on to suggest the new series will be Paramount+ exclusive, will land sometime in 2025, and will feature the next Avatar on Earth after Aang and Korra. Although not much else is known about the series, and the studio themselves have yet to make an official announcement this is huge news especially for fans that have been waiting since the canonical conclusion of the anime The Legend of Korra way back in 2014. The new studio formed to take over this and future projects in the universe have co-creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko at the helm, so fans can rest easy the 2025 series is in good hands.

New Avatar Anime Set After Aang Amp Korra To Arrive In 2025 722309

The report also says “a very rough approximation based on previous Avatars is that if it’s set ~100 years after Korra’s time, it will be in the Avatar world’s equivalent of our world’s present day,” in speculation on the new series, with the release “part of a much bigger plan.”

In any case, it’s only a matter of time before fans receive an official announcement from the studios themselves. But in the mean time, rushing over to the AvatarNews site for further news could be a safe bet for now.

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