Apple Arcade Adds New Game From SMG Studio

| January 10, 2020
Apple Arcade Adds New Game From SMG Studio

What has quickly becoming one of the best deals in mobile gaming, Apple Arcade adds a new game from SMG Studio, No Way Home.

Apple Arcade, the subscription service that offers subscribers over 100 games that can be shared with up to five family members for the price of $5.99 since launch has been a tremendous value if you game on the go. Now from SMG Studios, known for titles like One More Line, Thumb Drift, and OTTTD have a new game, called No Way Home and it is hitting Apple Arcade.

Described as an action game where you find yourself stranded in a strange galaxy, and you and your ship of party planning robots must find a way home. From befriending strange aliens to blasting your way through waves of different creatures with over 50 different weapons, No Way Home looks to offer hours of entertainment as you work through the story and randomly generated environments.

Drawing inspiration from science fiction comedies such as Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, No Way Home uses the absurd comedy to soften what could otherwise be seen as a dark game. With each alien race having its own unique back story, with more being added in future updates, No Way Home looks to be an adventure rich with content and interest.

As Apple Aracade keeps adding new and exciting titles, it sets the bar for other services on what they can offer, and how game services need to be structured to compete. It will be exciting to see how more Apple Aracade evolves as it moves onto the Apple TV, but for now, No Way Home will be a great way to past the time as you wait for these answers.

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