BATTLETECH Delayed Until 2018, Multiplayer Beta Scheduled

| August 14, 2017
BATTLETECH Delayed Until 2018, Multiplayer Beta Scheduled 1

Paradox Interactive and Harebrained Schemes, have come out and recently announced that unfortunately, the release of the highly anticipated title BATTLETECH has been moved to sometime in early 2018.

BATTLETECH was originally set to launch sometime later this year, however the delay can be justified as Harebrained Schemes development team will now have ample time to improve the title and bring it up to a level of quality they are known for.

Jordan Weisman, CEO of Harebrained Schemes and creator of the original board game had this to say on the matter:

“Throughout development our Backers have been clear: ‘Don’t rush it, just make it great.’ and we have taken that advice to heart, HBS, Paradox, and our Backers all share a deeply personal attachment to this project and we are committed to delivering a game that not only meets the high expectations of our Backers and fans but introduces BattleTech to a new generation of players.”

Fredik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive also shared his belief in feedback from Beta participants who have railed for more of well executed, albeit longer development time for the title, ensuring the game is not rushed and meets fan expectations.

Harebrained Schemes realizes that this delay may come as disappointing news for eager players, which is why the games developer have announced that Beta backers of BATTLETECH can look forward to a new patch that balances, tweaks, and just improves the game even further, additionally a PVP multiplayer patch is also scheduled to hit the Beta sometime in the future.

The upcoming multiplayer mode will see Beta players pilot their Mechs and face off against each other in intense battles that will not only be fun, but allow the developers to further tweak and improve the game for it’s eventual release in 2018.

Players interested in BATTLETECH can hop on over to the games official website and sign up as a late backer, which grants access to the Beta.

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