Every Announcement From PDXCON 2019

Crusader Kings III, Stellaris: Federations, Survivng The Aftermath, and more announced in Berlin

Every Announcement From PDXCON 2019 2

Paradox Interactive held their annual PDXCON conference this weekend to make several key announcements about their various game properties. The biggest reveal of the weekend was the announcement of Crusader Kings III, though most of their live games will be getting major expansions like Stellaris‘s Federations expansion or Hearts of Iron IV‘s La Resistance.

After 8 years, Paradox Development Studio is moving on to Crusader Kings III, which will bring fans the traditional Crusader Kings experience of heading a dysfunctional royal dynasty in 2020. The third game will lean more into the dynastic RPG elements giving players even more control over their family of royal madmen. It will also have the usual medieval maps with detailed terrain, however, the 3D character models will be getting an upgrade. Crusader Kings III will release on PC in 2020.

Paradox is also turning Surviving Mars into a survival franchise, and the first game will be Surviving the Aftermath, a post-apocalyptic survival management game. The new game is available now in early access on the Epic Games store.

The other PDXCON announcements include expansions for Paradox’s longstanding 4X strategy titles like Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV, and Battletech.

Stellaris: Federations brings in new features for the federations as well as several new federations like trade leagues and research cooperatives. So players can create a full Galactic Community of alliances. The Federations expansion will release later this year.

Hearts of Iron IV: La Resistance adds spies and intelligence networks to the Wold War II strategy game, which will allow you to sabotage enemy facilities, protect yourself from spies, and create your own intelligence agency to help further your goals of conquest or peace. After all, Hearts of Iron IV does have historical fantasy elements, as the player is in full control of the war’s events.

Battletech: Heavy Metal beefs up the existing light mechs, as well as adding eight new mechs to the mech strategy game. Heavy Metal will also add eight new weapons systems and a new Flashpoint campaign on November 21, 2019.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Revelations is the first expansion for the sci-fi 4X franchise, which brings in the new Heritor faction, along with two new campaigns, 30 new locations, and ancient robo-assassins. Revelations releases on November 19, 2019.

Lastly, the 2017 console DLC Prison Architech: Psych Ward will be heading to PC. Notably, the PC version of the expansion will come with a few extra additions like padded solitary cells and orderlies to look after the criminally insane inmates. The expansion will release on November 21, 2019.

PDXCON is still going live. You can check out the festivities on Twitch.

Madeline Ricchiuto
Madeline Ricchiuto

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