Big Announcements From PlayStation at Paris Games Week

Big Announcements From PlayStation at Paris Games Week

Today, Sony gave their conference at Paris Games Week and introduced players to an influx of new information. Here are some of the highlights from their conference.

To no one’s surprise, Dhalsim was confirmed for Street Fighter V. While the character is old, he was sporting a new look. Within a year of the game’s launch, six new characters will be available to purchase using in-game currency.

Tekken 7 is coming to PlayStation 4 and will also be available to use with PlayStation VR. Vector, a new rhythm game, looks like a lot of fun for those into games like Rock Band Blitz. Ratchet & Clank will be making their way to the PS4 this spring, and we finally have a release date for No Man’s Sky, June 2016.

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Uncharted 4 Multiplayer wqs revealed and it looked fast paced and high action. Uncharted 4 is coming March 18th, 2016, however, the multiplayer beta will kick off Dec 4th and run till the 15th.

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From the creators of LittleBigPlanet, players will get Dreams. An adorable PlayStation 4 exclusive that mashes together creativity and play. It appears you can use motion controls as well via the PS4 controller.


I’m not entirely sure what to say about Matterfall other than it looks amazing.

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Driveclub is adding Driveclub Bikes, available as an expansion pack or a standalone. Bring the world of high-speed driving to donorcy, I mean, motorcycles. Driveclub Bikes is available for immediate download.

There is lots in the works for the upcoming PlayStation VR. They kicked it off with what they believe will be eSports in VR, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League. For us horror fans, there will be a new chapter in the Until Dawn series, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which takes you on an actual rollercoaster in a spooky theme park. There is also Robinson the Journey from Crytek. A chance to walk, or run, from dinosaurs in virtual reality. To find out even more about titles coming to PlayStation VR, watch the showcase video below.

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Gran Turismo will be making its first appearance on the PlayStation 4 with Gran Turismo Sport. They were happy to announce that it will be compatible with PlayStation VR.

They closed out the show with David Cage from Quantic Dream(Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls) as he announced their debut to PS4 with Detroit. Detroit is a story revolving around an android named Kara as she feels her way through Android City. Knowing Quantic Dream’s taste for heavy storytelling, we look forward to the emotional journey Detroit will deliver.

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