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Pixels & Ink #222 - Gears of Jed

Pixels & Ink #222 – Gears of Jed

While Cody continues to protest the CGM podcast co-hosting duties, Mel and Brendan sit down with Jed. He discusses Gears of War 4 and Yo-Kai

I Am Batman: An Arkham VR Preview

I Am Batman: An Arkham VR Preview

Virtual reality is becoming, well, a reality. This technology will allow players to experience activities and events they would never be able to in the

Pixels & Ink #218 - Infinite Zombies

Pixels & Ink #218 – Infinite Zombies

This week, Melanie, Brendan and Cody sit down to discuss Nintendo’s decision to make a Mario centred runner for iOS. Brendan attended a Call of

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