Blizzard Reveals 4 New Heroes of the Storm Characters

| April 14, 2014
Blizzard Reveals 4 New Heroes of the Storm Characters

While Heroes of the Storm is still in it’s alpha stages, that hasn’t stopped Blizzard from moving the hype train along. Today the Diablo developer revealed four new playable characters.

The first is LiLi. She’s a support character, with abilities that are tailored to help teammates. That isn’t to say she can’t protect her self though, she’ll be able to hold her own.

The next character is Brightwing.  Like LiLi, Brightwing is a support character. She can teleport from teammate to teammate, can heal them by simply passing by, and turn enemies into animals.

The third is Zagara. She has “map wide components to her design” according to the release. Not much is said about what that means, but she has abilities that help her speed up her movement and summoning. She can also use Nydus Worms to travel through the map.

The only male character revealed was Murky. He’s the guy that doesn’t quit. He can lay an egg, which can cause him to respawn quickly.  If that egg is destroyed though, it will take as long as a normal character.

Blizzard also showed off three other heroes who are in development. But, aside from their names, nothing was really said.

Heroes of the Storm will feature characters spanning across various Blizzard universes, slammed together in a 5v5 online game.  No release date has been announced yet, but it’s far enough along for Blizzard to openly show it off.

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