Blizzard Teases Doomfist as Next Playable Overwatch Character

| Jul 5, 2017
Blizzard Teases Doomfist as Next Playable Overwatch Character

After a long wait, Overwatch fans may finally get to see Doomfist in action soon.

Blizzard Entertainment recently hinted that Doomfist may be the next playable character coming to Overwatch. In an Overwatch blog update designed to appear as “Times of Numbani” news article, it was confirmed that Doomfist had escaped from the Helix Security International’s maximum security installation. The one bearing the title of Doomfist is Akande Ogundimu, also known as “the successor”. According to Overwatch lore, Akande Ogundimu gas ties to the terrorist organization Talon and is one of the world’s greatest threats. The blog post states that Reaper freed the gauntlet user, leading to additional security breaches as well. This could lead to other potential characters somewhere down the line.

Doomfist was originally mentioned in Overwatch’s animated trailer which showed Winston and Tracer fighting against Reaper and Widowmaker as they attempt to steal Doomfist’s gauntlet from a museum. Based on fans interest in the unknown character, Blizzard began to slowly expand his character. In a previous update for the game, various parts of the Numbani map have been damaged, alluding to Reaper reclaiming Doomfist’s gauntlet.

Fans of Overwatch have been speculating the arrival of Doomfist for some time now after being mentioned directly in the story of Overwatch’s latest character, Orisa. Speculation rose even higher when famous actor Terry Crews began teasing the possibility that he might be cast as the Overwatch villain. It was believed that E3 would be where the character would be announced until Blizzard stated otherwise.

Last week, Overwatch received a new patch. Players quickly discovered that the new patch was internally referred to as the “Doomfist/Summer Games” update. Blizzard quickly removed the title but not before enough players spotted the reference.

Overwatch recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Overwatch is currently playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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