Bringing 3D Replay to PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds

| February 2, 2018
Bringing 3D Replay to PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds 1

Minkonet, creator of 3D replay functionality, reveals the success of 3D replay in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). 

Minkonet announced that its 3D function has become a huge success within PUBG. They claim this function has become an integral part of the game as it allows players to watch their best matches and view the gameplay in a variety of ways.

Minkonet is prominently a Seoul-based gaming technology company and they were the ones who developed the 3D replay function. The 3D replay tool allows players to capture footage of a match and watch it from different perspectives. They are also able to freeze the gameplay, zoom in, track their own character, follow enemies and use other various tools to watch their favourite matches.

The 3D replay feature allows players to learn about the causes of their deaths, analyze their enemies and further train themselves to enhance their skills in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. Players can also take footage of their matches to create their own cinematics and share them on media sites.

“We’re helping PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds further strengthen user engagement through our replay technology,” said Gilbert Kim, President & COO of Minkonet. “There is a tremendous amount of raw content just waiting to be unleashed within gaming titles and we’re starting to see some great use cases.”

The company reports that the 3D replay function is estimated to be used more than nine million times daily. This is estimated to an average of five minutes of replay viewing per game. On top of this, between 70-80 per cent of players utilize the new Death Cam feature.

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