Cel Damage HD is out on PS 3, 4, and Vita

| Apr 22, 2014
Cel Damage HD is out on PS 3, 4, and Vita - 2014-04-22 17:06:20

Gamers can destroy and wreak havoc in high definition as Cel Damage HD releases on PlayStation 3,4 and Vita today.
Originally launched on Xbox, Game Cube and PlayStation 2, Cell Damage’s crazy cast of cartoon characters took players behind the wheel of tailored death machines in an arena style car combat game.
This time around, there are a few enhancements. Aside from visual updates, the game will be more balanced and feature trophies. There’s also a new developer, as Finish Line Games is at the helm.
It is one of the first PlayStation 4 games to feature four player split screen, and for those who want to game as much as possible, there is cross play.

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