Crusader Kings III Coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5

Crusader Kings III Coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 2

Crusader Kings III is coming to next-gen consoles, which marks the first time the series has appeared on consoles.

In a press release, it was announced that the third Crusader Kings game will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The game will not be released on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. No details were shared on a Nintendo Switch but it seems unlikely with the title being exclusive to Microsoft and PlayStation’s more powerful next-gen systems.

Paradox Interactive has also included important details in the announcement trailer, including how players can expect Crusader Kings III to control and play on console. The series has always been exclusive to PC and a keyboard and mouse have always been the input method.

I’ve played a little bit of Crusader Kings II and was initially puzzled on how the game could play well with a controller but it looks like Paradox may have found some good solutions, including radial menus, which should make selections much easier with joysticks.

Crusader Kings Iii Coming To Xbox Series X|S And Playstation 5

The press release included a variety of details that console newcomers may be interested to know before the title’s launch:

  • Character Focused Gameplay: Every character you play or interact with has their own unique personality. Events and options in the game are largely determined by the type of person you are.
  • Infinite Possibilities: Play as any noble house from Iceland to India, Finland to Central Africa, over five centuries. Interact with wandering guests, stubborn children, devious spymasters and saintly holy men in an elaborate tapestry of medieval life.
  • Waging War: Rally your vassals and raise your men-at-arms to besiege enemy castles or put down rebellions. Personal prowess on the battlefield can win you great honor, but strategic planning is the path to victory.
  • Royal Marriages: Spread your dynastic DNA throughout the world, stamping your royal seal on the crests of kingdoms and duchies far and wide. Marry for power and raise children to press claims on new lands.
  • Saints and Sinners: Keep faith with your religious leaders or perform great crimes in the interest of the state. When the going gets tough, you can always embrace a heresy or craft a new religion more in line with your character’s priorities.

There is currently no release date for the console version of Crusader Kings III. For more information and to stay updated, check the official website and follow the Crusader Kings III Twitter account.

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