Cult of the Lamb Celebrates Massive 1 Million Followers Indoctrinated

Cult of the Lamb Celebrates Massive 1 Million Followers Indoctrinated 2

Cult of the Lamb has been a cult-hit since launch last week taking the internet by storm, so it is no wonder it just hit 1 million in sales.

Since the release of Devolver Digital and Massive Monster’s newest cult-classic indie title on August 11, the call of the Cult of the Lamb has reached one million in sales, which equates to about 142,857 units sold a day. This is a massive accomplishment for an indie game that brings life sacrifice to an adorable barnyard animal. Fans can see the trailer below.

YouTube video

What’s striking about the impressive sales numbers is the reception the title has faced on Metacritic from critics and fans, with a mainly positive reception for the cult, unlike real-life cults that are generally shunned. Although the title has achieved huge sale numbers, there have been reports of game breaking bugs that have made the rounds on the internet, specifically for the console versions of the title, and especially on Twitter. The developers are hard at work on fixing these bugs, as they’ve addressed their existence, also on Twitter.

Fans can’t seem to get enough of the genre-bending roguelike, however, with Twitch numbers showing it currently ranks #12 on the tracker website, showing that cultists enjoy watching just as much as playing in the hooves of the fearless leader of the Cult of the Lamb. Another notable mention is the Devolver Digital storefront that sells cult gear in an effort to uniform all followers, has completely sold out of every single Cult of the Lamb merch, which shows faith and dedication to the growing movement.

Cult Of The Lamb Celebrates Massive 1 Million Followers Indoctrinated

Cult of the Lamb is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series S/X consoles, allowing all members interested in indoctrination worthy to become a follower.

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