Devolver Digitial Goes Public, And Announces Acquisition of Other Big Studios

| November 5, 2021
Devolver Digitial Goes Public, And Announces Acquisition of Other Big Studios 1

Devolver Digital has announced that not only have they become publicly traded, they have also acquired the Croteam, Dodge Roll, Nerial, and Firefly gaming studios.

For Devolver, the company that helped bring fans Fall Guys, the sky is apparently not the limit but just a milestone.

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In the latest news to come out of the digital publishing company, they have seen robust growth since their start in 2009. The success of the small-publisher-that-could has brought along serious eyes, as Sony has notably invested in them with the public trading aspect becoming a reality. They’ve also shown their trump card in the acquisition of 4 gaming studios synonymous with hit Indie titles.

The main points to know here are the employees at the publisher are still the majority stakeholders in their direction, which brings huge relief as Devolver brings a unique personality to gaming. The company assures that employees are still a key asset in their future and the “futures future.”

The new publicly traded aspect allows the company to focus on what they do best, creating obscure but entertaining video games. The developers of Enter the Gungeon, Card Shark, the Stronghold series, Serious Sam and much more coming along for the ride show their complete devotion to bringing games of all genres into the fold that is Devolver.

Although these acquisitions put the developers under the same publishing umbrella, it can only lead to more harmony and variety towards future games the publisher has planned. Notably, no news has been delivered on a sequel to Enter the Gungeon, but the statement says “we’ve asked them more than once.”

As Devolver continues to make moves that ultimately help their ever-expanding team, fans can only sit and watch… and now invest in them, on their meteoric rise to the moon.

Fans can read their publicly shared letter for more information, written in the personality Devolver is iconic for.

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