Terrible Warriors: DC Adventures – Days of Future Crisis – Episode 1

DC Adventure: Days of Future Crisis - Episode 2

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There is a difference between you and me, we both looked into the abyss, but when it looked back at us… You blinked.
– Batman

This is not the world that our heroes once knew and it all changed the day the solar flare happened and a mechanical army lead by Brainiac marched over humanity. Humans and metahumans have been hunted to near extinction but some fight back against the apocalypse in hopes of changing the fate of a world most consider dead. A veteran Batman leads a group of heroic and non heroic survivors including Jack Knight aka Starman, the former merc Mirror Master, mystic John Constantine, a new green lantern and former protege of Jon Stewart. A mysterious signal emerges from the ruins of Gotham that potentially offers hope to the heroes.  Will this be a chance to turn the tide against Brainiac or will this be the final fall of mankind?

These are the days of future crisis.

Artwork done by – Marvin000 – http://marvin000.deviantart.com/gallery/

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Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Justin Ecock, Steve Saylor, Julian Spillane, Tom White, Derek Burrow

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