DC Adventures: Days of Future Crisis – Episode 4

DC Adventures: Days of Future Crisis - Episode 3 1

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I can use a mirror a thousand different ways. Can turn a man inside out. Cut a hole through a seven-foot concrete wall. Make ye see things from yer fantasies — or from yer nightmares. They laugh at us. At me. Bein’ the bloody Mirror Master… ’cause they don’t see. They don’t look inta the mirror with honesty at ’emselves. Everyone needs an escape. An escape from the sins a’ yer past. And the sins a’ yer future. The real world. S’just not for me. Spat on my face, took my life and twisted it around. Made me inta somethin’ I didn’t choose ta be. I ain’t ever going back. I ain’t ever leavin’ wonderland
Mirror Master

This is not the world that our heroes once knew and it all changed the day the solar flare happened and a mechanical army lead by Brainiac marched over humanity. Humans and metahumans have been hunted to near extinction but some fight back against the apocalypse in hopes of changing the fate of a world most consider dead.

Strangers in a strange land and they potentially have found an escape from the horror that was a ravaged Earth but what do they do now? Batman, Starman, Green Lantern and the Mirror master have to ask themselves what to do they now and will anyone help them save their world? They do not have time to mourn the loss of one of their own as they arrive a place not unlike their own but different in many marvelous ways.A new group assembles to heed the call of our heroes and give them options to the grave situation before them.

Do they return to the husk of their planet to save it before the mechanical genocide of Brainiac or do they stay and leave that world behind?

These are the days of future crisis.

Artwork done by – Marvin000 – http://marvin000.deviantart.com/gallery/

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Terrible Warriors: Mike Dodd, Justin Ecock, Steve Saylor, Julian Spillane, Tom White, Derek Burrow

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