Deck13 Interactive Unveils First Look at The Surge

| February 29, 2016
Deck13 Interactive Unviel First Look at The Surge 1

Deck13 Interactive, known for Lords of the Fallen have unveiled the first look at their new title, The Surge

Set on a dystopian Earth, The Surge is an RPG set in a world where the need for technology and advancement has pushed civilization to the brink. The Surge will feature an innovative character progression, which will build upon modular upgrades as you progress though the story.

In the images released today, The Surge’s hero is shown with his exoskeleton that will serve as the base for your upgrades and equipment. When fighting enemies in the world, what you collect from them can be added to your arsenal. The more useful the upgrade, the more dangerous it will be to collect it unscathed.

Deck13 Interactive Unviel First Look At The Surge

Utilizing a stunning visual style The Surge is looking to be an exciting RPG. The Surge will be launching on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and will be published by Focus Home Interactive and launching in 2017.

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