Deep Blue Sea 3 Inbound For Netflix

| Aug 26, 2019
Deep Blue Sea 3 Inbound For Netflix

Presumably due to high DVD and Blu-Ray sales, Deep Blue Sea 3 has been greenlit, and is en route to Netflix with them producing.

Released in 1999, Deep Blue Sea focused on the crew of a remote underwater research facility in which scientists experimented on the brains of sharks in order to try and counteract Alzheimer’s. As a side effect, genius supervillain sharks are created.

Said genius sharks quickly decide to take their human captors out of the picture, leading to the kind of B-movie schlock you’d expect, especially with the cast of Thomas Jane, Samuel L. Jackson, LL Cool J., and Saffron Burrows. Last year saw the arrival of standalone sequel Deep Blue Sea 2, a straight-to-Syfy film that was panned by critics. In spite of that, according to a listing in Production Weekly (as reported by, the third film is on its way to Netflix.

As this will probably be a lower-budget affair, we can probably expect to see Deep Blue Sea 3 late next year. CGMagazine will keep an eye out for developments on this. Who knows, maybe they’ll get a big actor. Stranger things have happened.

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