Alienware & Dell Reveal New Powerful Desktops Designed For Gamers and Creators

Alienware & Dell Reveal New Powerful Desktops Designed For Gamers and Creators

The New Dell XPS desktop and the Alienware Aurora R13 are the latest innovations in technology when it comes to high performance.

When it comes to gaming or creating new content, PC users need high technological prowess to produce content. Dell and Alienware have now unveiled two new options for desktop users that need more power with the gaming and creator community in mind.

Alienware &Amp; Dell Reveal New Powerful Desktops Designed For Gamers And Creators
New Dell XPS desktop

Introducing the new Dell XPS desktop, the newest addition to the XPS performance-laden models. Coming in two separate colorways, the 42% larger chassis places emphasis on performance, and the extra space gives improved airflow for better liquid cooling capability. The larger design also allows the Dell desktop to remain quieter than ever while boasting the most powerful system yet. This powerhouse supports up to 350W of gaming level graphics, handling even next-generation games. The XPS can come with an up to 750W power supply as well, which maximizes the system’s output.

Alienware &Amp; Dell Reveal New Powerful Desktops Designed For Gamers And Creators

The new Dell XPS desktop starts at $919 and will be available later this Fall.

Alienware also brought new desktop goods in a more futuristic-looking design, with the new Aurora R13 and the Aurora Ryzen Edition R14. Both of these new desktops are powerful and pack a punch to the potential gamer or creators’ most grueling sessions.

Both of these performance systems are laid out in a very simplistic way, allowing for user upgrades to be more streamlined. The EMI clear shielded side paneling will finally become available for all Aurora desktops globally. Both come in at the same dimensions, so the choice is dependent on the wielder, not the space available.

Aurora R13 Key Features

  • Up to 12th Generation Intel Core i9K processors
  • Intel Z690 Chipset
  • DDR5 RAM (up to 128GB 3600Mhz or 64GB 4400Mhz)
  • PCI-Express 5.0 Ready
  • New Type-C USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 port (up to 20 Gbps)
  • Optional Alienware Cryo-tech Edition CPU Liquid Cooling (Only available on the R13)

Aurora Ryzen R14 Key Features

  • Up to AMD Ryzen 9 processors
  • AMD B550 Chipset
  • Up to AMD Radeon RX 6900XT or NVIDIA GeForce RTX
    3090 graphics
  • DDR4 XMP RAM (up to 128GB 3600Mhz)
  • Optional 750W Platinum Rated Power Supply
  • Offering up to 4TB NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD Support (with
    2TB Boot and 2TB Storage)
  • Standard 2.5G Ethernet and optional Wi-Fi 6 2×2 WLAN
    with Bluetooth 5.2

Both are powerful units that can upgrade any potential gaming or creator-inspired rig. The harmonious design choices eliminate the need for extraneous wiring that can otherwise become unsightly, or cumbersome to those who want to upgrade while maximizing efficiency.

The Alienware Aurora R13 starts at $1,479.99 and Ryzen R14 starts at $1249.99. Both desktops will be made available today.

Those looking for more information on these new and exciting desktops can visit the Dell website or the Alienware website.

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