Dell and Alienware Bring New Gaming Hardware to E3 2018

Alienware and Dell Announce New PC Gaming Products 11

With E3 2018 fast approaching, Alienware and Dell have taken the initiative, by getting ready to showcase some new and exciting gaming hardware during the 4-day event in Los Angeles.

Starting things off with the Alienware wireless gaming headset, Alienware’s first wirelessing gaming headset. The new pair of headphones from Alienware promises to deliver audiophile levels of sound fidelity. Sporting 40mm Neodymium drivers, set to deliver a rich bass soundscape, while also outputting clear and natural sounding voice output through its robust mic, the Alienware wireless headset is a perfect match for any solo or multiplayer game session.

In terms of build quality, Alienware and Dell are calling the headphones durable and lightweight, giving users a flexible, yet durable headband that has been engineered for a snug and comfortable fit, something that is paramount for longer gaming sessions. Aesthetically, the headphones will have the iconic Alienware logo in two animated LED lighting zones, utilizing AlienFX functionality. The headset will be available, starting in the U.S on June 11, starting at $229.

Sticking with audio, Dell and Alienware have introduced a next-generation iteration on the Alienware Command center software. The command center will now include an all-new intelligent audio utility called Sound Center. Sound Center has been designed to help users create and manage preset user-defined sound profiles. Utilizing four core components for managing audio, Sound Center’s user-friendly features include Audio Effects, Multi-band EQ, Microphone Control and Audio Recon directional overlay, which indicates the direction of various sounds during gameplay (such as nearby combat and footsteps). The Sound Center is available now worldwide and is enabled on newly launched 2018 models of Alienware Area 51, as well as Alienware 15 and 17 laptops.

Alienware will be launching a new elite gaming mouse, made with premium materials and designed with ergonomics in mind, the mouse offers players with interchangable side wings, that come in two or four button layouts for MMO and FPS fans. The mouse will also feature four movement speeds, enhanced using 5 configurable levels of on-the-fly DPI adjustments. And for that extra gaming flair, the mouse will support AlienFX technology, giving players options to play around with the lighting scheme of their device. The Elite Gaming Mouse will be available on in the U.S. July 31, starting at $89.99.

For those looking for more of an AIO solution can look forward to the Dell Inspirion Gaming Desktop, featuring second-generation AMD Ryzen processor technology. Built with future-proofing in mind, the Inspiron promises to give offer power at an affordable price, thanks in part to the latest AMD Ryzen based CPU. Other key features include: A USB Type-C 2.1 port, up to six USB 3.0 ports, optional dual-drive, high-capacity hard drive, responsive SSD option and up to five bays for future storage upgrades. Polar Blue LED lighting and a striking chassis design infuses the Inspiron Gaming Desktop with visual excitement. The Inspiron Gaming Desktop will be available initially in U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China and South Korea in June, concurrent with E3, with a starting-at-price-point of US $849.

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