Destiny 2 Season 17 Starts Today, Known as the ‘Season of the Haunted’

Destiny 2 Season 17 Starts Today, Known as the 'Season of the Haunted'

Destiny 2 guardians can officially dive into the live service game’s 17th season starting today at 1 PM EDT, Bungie revealed in a blog post that the new season will be known as the ‘Season of the Haunted’ which is set to be a nightmare fuelled adventure in the non-spooky months.

The ‘Season of the Haunted’ launched today on May 24th and will last for three months, ending on August 23rd. The spooky season will offer a season pass which is coming soon and with it, Guardians will be able to get a lot of gear, XP, and much more, like immediately unlocking the Trespasser sidearm. Other additions in the season include a Solar 3.0 redesign with the sun-centric subclass. This will charge up users with new builds and flame-based skills. This is the second season following the post-release of Destiny 2‘s Witch Queen expansion. Get a better look at the new season in the trailer below.

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Guardians will be returning to a familiar location with a more spooky setting while trying to acquire exotic gear. The narrative of the season kicks off following the return of the Cabal’s emperor, Calus, to our galaxy as he enters the Pyramid ship on the Moon where his world-eating ship, The Leviathan, also makes its return this season.

Not all is good as there is something strange going on in the space neighbourhood, as dangerous “Nightmares” have called this returning location their new home. Some activities Guardians can get into this season include the ‘Nightmare Containment’ which has Destiny 2 players facing off against ghost-like enemy bosses.

The season will also offer a weekly “Server” mission which will allow guardians to progress the story and what exactly is Calus’s plan with his return to the Milky Way Galaxy. Destiny 2 players in ‘Season of the Haunted’ will also be able to claim this season’s firearms including Opulent Weapons too, acquire new armour, and last but not least wield Shiro-4’s lightning-fast Trespasser pistol again.

The new season is currently available to players on all systems that Destiny 2 is free-to-play on which includes PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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