Destiny 2 Showcase News Roundup

Destiny 2 Showcase News Roundup Including: New Weapon type, Setting, Crafting, Witches and More

The world of Destiny 2 expands after today’s showcase which introduces Savathûn’s Throne World, crafting mechanics, and a brand-new Glaive weapon type.

Prepare yourselves, Guardians, as Destiny 2 as The Witch Queen Expansion is set to arrive next year.

There have been many expansions of Destiny 2 that have spanned multiple seasons, and this one is no different. The Witch Queen will have guardians blast off to Savathûn’s Throne World to discover how the light was forcibly taken by her Lucent Hive. It seems the hive can also utilize light, with Hive Guardians and Hive Ghosts, as the first person view shows a controlled guardian crushing a Hive Ghost after slaying its guardian.

Savathûn has been one of the most insidious threats since the death of her brother Oryx in Destiny: The Taken King. Now is her time to come out of the darkness as the featured villain. There have been many story expansions for fans to sink their teeth into, and if this one is as expansive as Beyond Light, then guardians are in for a real treat.

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Destiny 2 Season 15 of the Lost acts as a prequel to this massive expansion featuring new exotic weapons for the season and Void subclass updates. The Wayfinder’s Compass is an ancient awoken artefact that will help guardians navigate this season from now all the way to the release of the The Witch Queen. Included with the new season is crossplay, which allows guardians from all platforms to team up no matter which console Destiny 2 is played on. A new exotic quest called Ager’s Scepter was announced for the season, along with a new exotic called Lorentz Driver for the season pass holders, “your knack for violence is needed,” indeed.

Bungie announced a 30th anniversary event which allows guardians access to new loot drops from the fabled “loot cave”, letting guardians get their hands on many weapons from the original Destiny, which will happen this December. Prominently featured was the Gjallarhorn as an exotic weapon drop from the new loot cave dungeon, a beloved fan favourite. This Easter Egg dungeon is located in the original Destiny area, the Cosmodrome, and will help guardians get up to speed on their collections. Guardians will also finally have access to Eyasluna and 1000 Yard Stare, more beloved exotics from the original title.

They also introduced fans to a new Glaive weapon type that will definitely be fun to use. The weapon will include melee combo goodness, beam projectiles, and a deployable energy shield. If this weapon type is anything near as good as the Stasis subclass was upon release, the Crucible will be a Glaive Colosseum. Your first Glaive will not be found…it will be crafted.

What’s most notable about the expansion (besides the intriguing new story prospect), is the introduction of a new crafting system. Banshee-44 was the only way to utilize crafting before this announcement, and this bare-bones method relied mostly on luck, as guardians would craft the same weapon over and over in hopes of obtaining their god roll. This crafting system relies on player choice instead, and the ability to upgrade and grow weapons over time will be integrated. This crafting system will allow players to choose their weapon specifications, which would save many unlucky players a large amount of time.

Destiny 2 Showcase News Roundup
Real-Life Hive Ghost

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is set to arrive on February 22 of next year. A Deluxe Edition has also been announced that will include the entirety of The Witch Queen and more goodies. For the Guardians who pre-order, the deluxe edition will feature two new dungeons, but for now, will have instant access to the exotic ghost shell, an exotic ‘enigma’ emote, and an emblem. A Collector’s Edition was also announced, which features a physical Hive Ghost collectible that lights up. Not much else has been revealed about this edition just yet.

Season of the Lost starts today, from August 24 to February 22, the release of The Witch Queen expansion.

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