DOOM Eternal Unleashes Hell on Switch December 8th

DOOM Eternal Unleashes Hell on Switch December 8th 1
DOOM Eternal, one of 2020’s biggest first-person shooters, will raise hell on Nintendo Switch next month, with some bonuses for early purchasers.

Those memes of the DOOM Slayer and Animal Crossing‘s Isabelle being the best friends are a little closer to reality. Bethesda announced it will release their Game of the Year-nominated shooter on Nintendo’s console as a digital exclusive—for now, at least. Select retailers will have download codes for purchase for those who wish to avoid the eShop.

Game Of The Year Contender Doom Eternal Will Arrive On Nintendo Switch Next Month.
Game of the Year contender DOOM Eternal will arrive on Nintendo Switch next month. (Bethesda)

The game will require approximately 19GB of space, however, so interested consumers will need to double-check their storage. There are no plans to release the game on a physical cartridge “at this time.”

DOOM Eternal has been adapted to suit the Switch’s gyroscopic technology. Motion Aiming controls are available, “allowing for motion controls in conjunction with the analog sticks for precise aiming.” Beyond the single-player campaign, the 2v1 Battlemode will be available on the go, pitting one player as the DOOM Slayer against two players as demons. The game’s first expansion, The Ancient Gods: Part One will follow, “at a later date.”

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To sweeten the pot for those who preorder or purchase before December 23, the Rip & Tear DLC pack will be automatically applied to their game, bringing a player skin, a weapon skin, and a remixed stage for Battlemode. Furthermore, a free digital download code for DOOM 64 will be sent via email.

DOOM Eternal is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with part two of its Ancient Gods DLC inbound sometime next year. Read CGM’s review here.

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