[UPDATED] Older DOOM Games Coming To Play Store, Trilogy To Consoles

[UPDATED] Older DOOM Games Coming To Play Store, Trilogy To Consoles

DOOM and DOOM II have come to the Google Play Store, and the first three DOOM games have dropped on modern consoles.

To celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary and this weekend’s QuakeCon, Bethesda has brought DOOM 1 and 2 to the Play Store for $4.99 USD each. DOOM 1 is coming with it’s expansion Episode 4: Thy Flesh Consumed, and II is bringing the twenty community-created Master Levels along for the ride. DOOM II is also complete with local 4-player competitive multiplayer and co-op, just to ensure you’ve got the complete package.

YouTube video
YouTube video

But that’s not all! …Maybe. Nintendo UK’s website just posted and removed pages for DOOM, DOOM II, and DOOM 3. All three games were said to come with their respective expansion packs, and DOOM 1 and 2 would both have local 4-player versus and co-op. DOOM and DOOM II were both priced at £3.99, while DOOM 3 was slightly more expensive at £7.99. These seem like surefire releases during a QuakeCon keynote, but we can’t confirm their release yet. At least we won’t have to wait long to find out!

[UPDATED 12:38 PM 7/26/2019] It was just announced that DOOM 1, II, and 3 are now available digitally for PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. DOOM and DOOM II cost $4.99 each, while DOOM 3 costs $9.99.

YouTube video

DOOM and DOOM II are available on the Google Play Store now, along with many, MANY other systems and devices. I happen to have a gift card kicking around with no prior purpose, so I might just get these for myself. Regardless, we’ll be watching QuakeCon like hawks to report on the first sign of the official Switch news and other news like it. Stay tuned!

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